Threax Personal Cloud

The Threax Personal Cloud is a series of apps with centralized identity management that can be deployed in your home. I have created apps for home automation, note taking, file management, shopping lists and budgeting. These apps are written in Asp.Net Core using the Threax Hypermedia Framework. These pages will show how to setup a server and will give an overview of each app.

This documentation is a work in progress. If you want more info about the individual apps, please see their GitHub repos.

Identity Server - This provides identity management for the apps.

Home - Home automation service. Can connect to a variety of hardware and back to itself to allow distribution of devices.

Butler - Voice recognition for the Home service. This uses a Kinect to do voice recognition.

Files - A web based file browser.

Notes - A simple note taking app.

Shopping - A shopping list application.

Budget - A simple monthly budget application.